Auto Repair - Ready to Play On Hold Message - downloadable audio

Auto Repair - Ready to Play On Hold Message - downloadable audio
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This Ready-to-Play, downloadable On Hold Message is designed for Auto Repair businesses.  

Script Summary:  Welcome  |  Oil Change with Courtesy Check |  Tire Rotation  |  Batteries  |  Windshield Wipers  |  Manufacturer's Recommended Maintenance   (full script available below)

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Length:  3 minutes 7 seconds  (3:07)

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Full script:


Thank you for calling our shop today!  We’re in business to keep you safely going down the road. We look forward to serving you!


An oil change is one of the most important things you can do to keep your vehicle running smoothly. When our technicians change your oil, they’ll recommend the type of oil that works best for our area’s climate and your vehicle. They’ll also replace your oil filter with the size and type recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.  But that’s not all -- we’ll also provide a courtesy check of other fluids and maintenance items to help you ensure that your vehicle is well-maintained.


When we change your oil, be sure to ask us about our tire rotation service. Rotating your tires ensures that they wear evenly, extending the life of your tires and helping to ensure safe driving.


You need your vehicle to start-up the first time, everytime.  That’s why having a strong battery, properly sized and rated for your vehicle, is so important.  If you’re having starting issues or other electrical problems, please be sure to ask us about testing your battery.


Being able to see clearly through your windshield is very important. So, if your current windshield wipers are not wiping correctly or leaving streaks, they should be replaced -- and we can help!  Just let us know, and we’ll replace those old, worn-out wipers.


Did you know that we can help with several different types of maintenance recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer? When we come back on the line, please ask us how we can help with your vehicle.


[Program will repeat continuously, if using an On Hold Message Player set to repeat.]

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