Custom On Hold Message Production - 5 Minute Message

Custom On Hold Message Production - 5 Minute Message
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What Is It?

A custom On Hold Message is a pre-recorded, informational audio production (with backround music) that businesses and organizations play into their phone systems.

When a potential or current customer calls and is placed on hold, they will hear this information and music audio production.

The audio production describes any number of interesting things about the business or organization. It is essentially a very long radio commercial - a radio commercial that is not bound by 30 or 60 seconds -- it can be any length the business or organization decides is necessary.

What You Get & How It Works:

  • Send us your script* -- we'll provide a FREE review and provide comments to help you .
  • Once you have provided a final, approved script, our professional male or female voice talent will record it. (You have your choice of our male or female voice talent; if not selected, our male voice is the default).
  • We'll ask you about the style of music you'd like to have in the background -- you get one track of background music from our royalty-free music library.
  • We'll edit the voice track and mix in the music, creating a production up to 5 minutes in length.
  • Then, we'll send you the audio file in whatever file format your system requires.

When it's all done -- you own your production!  There are NO additional annual fees or payments. You may use the production for as long as you like.

* - (Script writing is not included in this package, but is provided separately: On Hold Message Script Writing).  

The purchase of this 5 Minute Production Package is required before script consultation or any production begins.


Planning to make regular updates to keep your messaging fresh and up-to-date with your marketing campaigns?  See our money-saving Update Packages.


Unfortunately, some businesses believe that plugging a radio or favorite CD into their phone system is the easy solution. It is easy, but it is not the right thing to do. A Custom On Hold Message provides the best solution when your customers, prospects and business reputation are important to you.

Using your script or one we help you write, we'll put our professional voice talent, music and digital editing system to work to create your customized informational message for callers on hold.

Why not just plug in a radio for your on hold message? Why not just play some music? Here's why:

(and see our About Us page more detail)

1 - Using a Radio as an On Hold Audio Source

a) With a radio on hold, you run the huge risk of letting YOUR customers and prospects hear commercials for YOUR COMPETITION! Even public radio has several underwriting announcements per hour. The people calling your business should be hearing about YOUR business -- not your competitors or businesses you'd otherwise not associate with.

b) Using a radio as an On Hold audio source is also a violation of copyright law. Courts have ruled that playing a radio station into a phone system is "re-transmitting" that content. As such, if you play a radio as your on hold audio source, you would be required to purchase expensive music licenses to cover all of the music played by the radio station. And to dispel a popular myth:  no, a radio station can't just give you permission to play their station on your phone system -- even if the owner is your closest friend.

2 - Using Only Music as the On Hold Audio Source

Using only music as the on-hold audio source is better than nothing, but the research shows that the best of any On Hold Audio scenario is music mixed with spoken word information about the business or organization the caller is contacting.

Be careful that you are not playing your favorite CD (or even your own mix) in your CD player. This violates the copyright law just like the radio scenario outlined in 1b above.


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