Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The digital players available on this site are not dependent upon phone configuration and should work as described for any number of repeating audio playback situations, most notably On-Hold Message playback through your business telephone system.

Please ensure that your business telephone system has an audio jack labeled "Audio Input" or "Music" or "MOH" etc. before placing an order for an On Hold Message Player.

If you simply have phones from an office store plugged into regular phone lines, our players will not work with your phones. You must have a phone system with the audio connection described above.

Business Philosophy:
We believe in treating people the way we would like to be treated. This means that you will be treated with respect and honesty. We keep in close communication with our customers during the processing of their order to ensure that they are aware of our timelines. All details about how we do business with regard to this Web site are listed here on this page. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 319-832-2916. You may also email any questions.

Sales Area:
Items on the On Hold Web Store are for sale only to addresses in the contiguous United States.

Credit Card Label:
Your credit card statement will reflect a payment to "OnHoldWebStr."

The Manufacturer's warranty is in place as described for each product. Warranty information can be found in the User Manual for each product. No additional warranties of any kind are expressed or implied by the On Hold Web Store or Wylie Creative Communications, LLC.

The On Hold Web Store does not provide extensive installation assistance or phone support for equipment. The User Manuals provide very good directions for installing these devices. If you have a question about the device, please read the product manual. The devices are designed to be installed by the average person. You may want to consult your local telephone systems installation expert for assistance if you're not sure about connecting the equipment.

Equipment not working?
If you believe you have received a defective item (physically damaged, does not power on or the described functions do not operate), and you've been through ALL of the troubleshooting options in the product's user manual, please call us at 319-832-2916 to describe the problem. If we can't help to solve the issue over the phone, and agree that the item is defective or damaged, we'll then help facilitate an exchange for the same (or similar) item through the manufacturer's warranty. We will help you understand the manufacturer's process for warranty returns and provide you with any documentation you may need for the exchange. You may be asked to ship your defective item directly to the manufacturer before they send you a replacement . The customer is typically responsible for any shipping costs related to warranty replacements.

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please call us to notify us of the return. Then, simply return the item(s) within the time-frame described below and you will receive a full refund for the cost of your item(s) (processed via PayPal). Any shipping fees paid at time of purchase are not refundable.

All returns must be safely packed in original packaging with all accessories in order to receive a full refund. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the person/company making the return.

Returns for a refund must be shipped (post-marked/delivery-marked) within 20 days from the date the product was shipped to you.

Returns attempted after 20 days from the date the package was shipped out will not be accepted (except for exchanges for defective merchandise made under warranty, as outlined above.)

If you have called our office and we have determined that a return/exchange is necessary, you may send returns to:

On Hold Web Store PO BOX 10896 Cedar Rapids, IA 52410

If you believe the item is defective, please see "Equipment not working?" above for the procedure for exchanging a defective item.

All refunds are made via our credit card processor, PayPal. This is for security and accounting purposes. We do not issue checks through the mail or send money any other way. This is to protect our business and your business.

All prices, including shipping and handling fees, are subject to change at any time.

Customers indicating a shipping address in Iowa will be charged 7% tax.

No refunds or exchanges on downloadable file purchases.

Shipping Information
Unless otherwise noted (i.e., " Free Shipping"), a per item charge is added at checkout for shipping & handling. If you order several items, the shipping and handling charge will grow accordingly, per item.

Officially, please allow up to 30 days for delivery, but you should receive your order much, much sooner. Please call or email for RUSH deliveries - extra charges will apply. Rush deliveries are not available on every product.

Voiceover & Audio Production Terms & Conditions

  1. Client/purchaser acknowledges that he or she has read and agrees to the rates for services.
  2. Client/purchaser is submitting a script free from errors. Reasonable accommodations will be made for typographical errors in copy, but scripts needing to be re-recorded due to errors in the script will be charged as if a new production is being submitted (please double-check your script before sending it).
  3. Reasonable accommodation will be made if certain styles of voice or production elements are not to the client's liking. Again, time is money, and if necessary details were not included in the original instructions, additional charges may apply. For larger jobs, partial payment may be requested before work begins.
  4. In the unlikely event an agreement cannot be reached between the client and Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, productions deemed unacceptable for use by the client may not be used in any form, including being broadcast or publicly or privately used in any way. Client will be liable for all payments due to Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, for the Services rendered.
  5. Under the music license purchased by Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, music cannot be resold as single elements. Music will only be included in final, mixed productions.
  6. Client/purchaser understands that there is a direct relationship between the success of the final production and the details provided to Wylie Creative Communications, LLC to create that production.
  7. Wylie Creative Communications, LLC reserves the right to use any production, in whole or in part, as a demonstration piece for Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, and use the name and/or logo or other identifying mark of the client company as part of a description of clients who have used our services. However, a production that contains information proprietary to the client, such as information intended only for the internal use of the client company, that they themselves would not make public, would not be used in a demonstration. Additionally, Wylie Creative Communications, LLC would not use information in a demo prior to public release of the client's first use, but would do so after public release had been made.
  8. Client/purchaser agrees that it will not hold liable or take legal action against Eric Wylie, Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, Eric Wylie Productions or the On Hold Web Store for any losses or injuries, no matter how remote, including but not limited to, lost income or projected lost income, all judgments, losses, payments, costs, expenses (including attorneys’ fees), damages, settlements, liabilities, fines, and penalties related to any production, document or advice this business produces and provides to client under any circumstances, including whether or not said services have been paid for by the Client. Client is responsible for all final approvals and agrees to review all audio, Web content, writings, and any and all other Services of this business before broadcasting or otherwise distributing or making use of any work created by any company of Wylie Creative Communications, LLC.
  9. Most physical products sold on our Web sites come with manufacturer's warranties. Manufacturers are fully liable for all products sold through our sites. Eric Wylie, Wylie Creative Communications, LLC and the On Hold Web Store do not make any additional or implied warranties on items sold, nor will we be responsible for defects in materials and workmanship, even if those products result in damage or injury. You agree that you are purchasing these products 'as-is' with no additional warranties or assurances from Eric Wylie, Wylie Creative Communications, LLC or the On Hold Web Store.
  10. The name of this business is Wylie Creative Communications, LLC. The business has also filed with the Iowa Secretary of State the names of Eric Wylie Productions and On Hold Web Store. When referencing any of those three company names or Eric Wylie as an individual, this Terms of Service document is referring to the LLC entity. This limited liability company was formed and registered in the State of Iowa and is governed by the laws of Iowa. Under Iowa law, Wylie Creative Communications, LLC is not required to collect Iowa Sales Tax for the services provided. However, Iowa Sales Tax is collected for physical items sold through the On Hold Web Store Web site to customers providing an Iowa shipping address. Additionally, tax is collected for the sale of physical items (such as CDs and DVDs) when used as the delivery medium for productions created by Wylie Creative Communications, LLC when shipped to an Iowa address.
  11. Client/purchaser understands that these terms will occasionally be amended with or without notice.
  12. Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, and the On Hold Web Store reserve the right to refuse service to any client for any reason, including, but not limited to, the subject matter of the production and/or the intended use of the production.


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